State Election 17th March 2018 The Questions That Chinese Community May Concern


The questions that Chinese community may concern


1. Australia and China have strong economic connection; however, sometimes the relationship will be influenced by various political and international factors. So, what is the direction of economic cooperation between South Australia and China? What are your thoughts or specific plans on promoting tourism, education for overseas students, high-tech cooperation, trade in agricultural products and investment promotion in Chinese market?

The Liberal Party of South Australia, like Australia, recognises and values the economic relationship between South Australia and China. China represents a significant partner for South Australia in areas including trade in agriculture, education, tourism and investment. We forsee this will continue in the years ahead.
One of our key policies to establish stronger ties with China is our policy to open a trade office in Shanghai. This will strengthen economic relationships and promote South Australia trade to China even further.

2. What are your thoughts or specific plans to promote further economic development in South Australia, particularly increasing employment rate, improving infrastructure conditions (electricity, transportation, etc.) and improving investment environment in South Australia?

The Liberal Party has a range of policies to promote further economic development. These include reducing the cost of living by lowering energy costs, capping council rates, reducing the Emergency Services and Natural Resources Management Levies. We have introduced our Energy Plan which will reduce electricity bills by $302 a year for an average household. We also will deregulate shop trading hours legislation to give greater freedom of choice in trading hours.
We have also announced the abolition of payroll tax for all small businesses with payrolls under $1.5 million.
And we have recently announced a $100 million fund to create more than 20,000 apprenticeships and traineeships for the jobs of the future.
All of these policies can be found on

3. What are your thoughts on improving the affordability of house in South Australia, the active investment in the South Australia real estate market, the allowances for first home buyers, vacant rooms, real estate price control and the construction of apartment buildings?

The Liberal Party recognizes the difficulties confronted by young people in particular about housing affordability issues.
Our policies are outlined in Strong Plan for Real Change ( and are primarily geared towards reducing the cost of living for struggling South Australian families and creating jobs for unemployed and underemployed South Australians.


4. In order to improve the education level in South Australia, what are the reforms and investment measures in improving primary and secondary education in South Australia? Bilingual schools such as Plympton International College have been very successful and very popular. Is there any plan to open more bilingual schools? What measures will be taken to expand the international student market, attract foreign students especially from China, receive primary and secondary education and university education in South Australia?

The Liberal Party’s vision for education is for South Australia to have the best schools, and the best education system, in Australia. We want to help every child realise their full potential, and we want our schooling system to be world class in order to help enable them to do so. Some of our policy measures to achieve this include our Literacy Guarantee – the full detail of which can be read here – – and our policy to rejuvenate the study of languages in our schools – the full detail of which can be read here – Reinvigorating the study of languages is critically important at this point in time because the present Government has allowed the numbers of students taking a language subject at year 12 to decline from more than 12% (in 2002, when Labor took office) to less than 5% today. This isn’t good enough but we will do better. The new bilingual schools will be supported strongly – we want them to succeed. But it is very early days: if they do well then we will consider what other bilingual programs may be extended in SA. But we want all of our schools across the state to have strong language programs. In relation to increasing the number of foreign students, we would love to significantly increase the number of students we receive from China and elsewhere. We have released a package of specific policy details aimed at doing just that, available here:

5. What measures should be taken to protect the physical and mental health of adolescents? How to solve the discrimination problem caused by gender, race, economic conditions and so on.

We will be proactive in supporting programs that encourage multicultural harmony and we will take a zero tolerance approach to bullying in schools. The current government’s response is to support the controversial ‘Safe Schools’ program. The Liberal Party will not continue support for this program, but will instead put those resources into developing new broad anti-bullying resources devoted to stop all forms of bullying – particularly cyber bullying.

More information is available at:

6. Australia has passed the homosexual marriage-related legislation, which will cause what sorts of impacts on South Australia’s social life, especially education?

The changes that came about as a result of the Commonwealth Government’s plebiscite on same sex marriage last year will obviously have an impact on the lives of same-sex attracted couples, who are now allowed to marry. However it is not anticipated that there need be significant changes for other members of the community – particularly in the education area. In our schools we encourage all students to be respectful of each other, and the different family environments in which they find themselves, and that will continue to be the case.

7. What policies should be adopted in respect of personal tax relief and corporate tax relief in order to improve living abilities of residents in South Australia?
See answer to Question 3.

8. Regarding the issue of cost of living, is there any new policy to reduce the medical insurance premium? What are the new policies on the provision of financial support for poor families and pensioners?
See answer to Question 3. Issues relating to medical insurance premiums are the responsibility of the Federal Government.

9. What policies and investments are available in South Australia in the field of advanced technology development, including energy-efficient cars and ships? What policies are there for nuclear energy utilization and nuclear waste yard construction?

The Liberal Party publicly opposed the Weatherill Labor Government’s policy of locating a toxic nuclear waste dump in South Australia to take nuclear waste from other countries.
We remain supportive of uranium mining in South Australia.

10. What are the measures to be taken in the construction of medical facilities in South Australia and in the export of medical services and medical products in Adelaide?
The Marshall Liberal team has a strong plan to build and upgrade medical facilities in South Australia. Our commitments include:
•building a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital co-located with the Royal Adelaide Hospital
•spending $110 million upgrading Modbury Hospital facilities and services
•spending more than $270 million to upgrade facilities at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and to restore services downgraded as part of the Weatherill Government’s unpopular Transforming Health changes
•spending $7 million upgrading the Murray Bridge Hospital Emergency Department
•implementing a strategy to address the $150 million backlog in country hospital maintenance.

The SA Liberal Party has an ambition to grow South Australia’s share of the nation’s exports, which currently sits around four per cent, but was above seven per cent when Labor came to power. To achieve such growth we need to continually value add to our exports. South Australia has a fast growing medical precinct which has come to fruition through predominantly Federal funding and State Government support. South Australia is known for its expertise in wound healing, reproductive health, plant genomics, and viticulture. We believe the medical export field provides great opportunities for the state.

11. What are the plans in Adelaide’s municipal construction, business district, CBD, shopping center expansion and renovation, residential area reform. What measures will be used to ease traffic congestion, improve traffic conditions?

Our policies are outlined in Strong Plan for Real change at

12. What measures are we taking to ensure the supply of electricity and to reduce the price of electricity?

Our comprehensive plans are outlined in our Energy Plan

Safe society

13. In the area of social security, what are the measures for the security protection of public facilities such as airports and stadiums and the maintenance of public order?
The Liberal Party has released policies relating to protection of public facilities and maintenance of public order. These can be detailed on the Strong Plan for Real change website:

Counter terrorism action plan

Light armoured vests for police


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